calisthenics Barcelona bootcamp

• What we'll do?

We will start with handstand prep exercises to improve our handstand skills.

For the second part, we prepared a cool selection of exercises all mixed up to an intense full body circuit that focuses on your technique.

To finish up strong, we will work on our pseudo straddle planche or another more basic exercise for the beginners.


• Trainer: Lena and as a special guest Fabio Quijije will join us!(

The class will be in English & Spanish


• Where? We will meet at the new street workout parc in front of the W Hotel. (


• How much:

Single: 7,50€ get your ticket on

MO&MACE members can use their tickets

5 classes: 30€

10 classes: 45€

Valid for all Outdoor Workouts, Outdoor Yoga, Fitness Boxing & Volleyball Bootcamps


• What to bring

a bottle of water and a towel


See you at the workout!

Lena (+34656643169)


Just register here to join us for a trial class! If you have any question just text me.

Lena: +34 65 66 43 169  //

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